Professional Web Developer.

As a professional web developer I pride myself on getting the job done. I work fast (faster than most), so building prototypes is my forte. My focus is to help my clients achieve better results over time. Development is just the begining of the process toward success.

How I can help...

  • You have an idea for a web application or website. Lets talk!
  • Need a new database designed. Lets talk.
  • Need a DBA to help manage your Databases? Lets talk.
  • You are interested in Scrum and Agile for your next big project. Lets talk.
  • You simply need some technical advice.

I am highly skilled and capable of diving into deeply technical issues that allow me to build custom web applications, whether its a custom content management system or a simple online form for startups or established companies. I've integrated with may 3rd party ERPs, CRMs, accounting and inventory systems, sales tools like Sales Force... and many more. I know what I'm doing. I'll handle all kinds of integrations, and there is no limit to what I can build, no matter the complexity.

PHP Frameworks:Laravel, Yii2, CodeIgniter

Languages: C#, PHP, SQL, JavaScript!

Scripting: JS, JQuery, HTML, CSS, JS Frameworks.

Databases: SQL Server, Postgres, MySQL

Need a Database Designed for Maximum Scalability? Lets talk.

Need a DBA to help manage your SQL Databases? Lets talk.

Scrum/Agile/Mythical Man Month and definitely Clean Coder.

Additional Services: Agile Management Principles

My philosophy is simple...

1. Honesty is the best policy. 2. Do my best to deliver what I promise to deliver.

Contact me: brendan [at] ignitedcoder [dot] com

Skype: IgnitedCoder

Follow me on twitter @IgnitedCoder

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