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Technology solutions for small to medium size organizations

Agile Philosophy Coach

Agile is not a framework. Its a way of thinking. I coach teams to think Agile regardless of the process "Scrum or XP or Waterfall" - Agile works!
Agile Manifesto

Spoken Languages "Code" and Frameworks

C#, .NET, Laravel, ASP.NET MVC, JavaScript, Clojure... and of course many SQL dialects... SQL Server, MySQL, Postgres, Mongo

Databases and More...

A poorly designed database can lead to disaster for your applications. Selecting the wrong database technology can be costly. I can help you decide!


A few awesome clients...

MBrella.World / Donation Platform

MBrella.World / M&A

M&A Dashboard / Dashboard

Donation Management Dashboard...

License Management / Tracking System

A/B Testing Platform. Behavioral Science. / D.B.A / Snr C#

Tampa, FL - Massive ETL Project


Freelance & Enterprise Level Experience that counts...

  • 1993-1997

    My Humble Beginnings

    South African Pulp and Paper. Converting legacy mainframe systems to Windows & SQL Server. Visual Basic was the new kid on the block back then.

  • Dec 1997

    Welcome to America

    A job offer from Moon Communications and suddenly I'm in a new country leading a small 8 man team as we develop a remote tracking system. Life as I know changes, along with an entirely new country to get used to.

  • January 2001

    A tech company is born.

    The dot com bubble is big and welcoming. I setup a shop, hire 4 developers and we deliver ecommerce platforms, hosting services and I continue to consult with clients large and small.

  • 2019

    Still in the game and loving it. Success and Failure redefined!

    I enjoy innovation and finding new ways to get things done elegantly and simply...I am a versatile and multi-capable web application developer with extensive corporate and freelancing experience. To me its all about helping my clients realize their vision, it's not enough for me to just code. I love being involved in the thinking process that will lead to better results and a more scalable platform my clients can build on for the future.

  • My

I'm a team player...

I work fast so count me as 2 team members & I love Agile leadership

Brendan Rehman

Professional Developer, Consultant

Resumes say very little about experience and even less about the importance of sharing the same vision my clients have. I am a web developer and I love what I do for a living. I find it gratifying to work with others to envision new ideas, and new applications.

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