Professional Freelance Web Developer.

Scrum/Agile/Mythical Man Month and definitely Clean Coder.

Languages: PHP, SQL, JavaScript!

Frameworks: MVC,Yii2, Laravel, CodeIgniter.

Databases: SQL Server, Postgres, MySQL

Scripting: JS, JQuery, HTML, CSS, JS Frameworks.

Need a Database Designed for Maximum Scalability? Lets talk.

Want the best out of Mongo or switching to a graph database "Neo4J"? Lets talk.

My philosophy is simple...

1. Honesty is the best policy. 2. Do my best to deliver what I promise to deliver, and if I've done my job right I'm out of a job.

That's what Freelancing is all about...

Contact me: brendan [at] ignitedcoder [dot] com

Skype: IgnitedCoder

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